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JSC "TROITSA" is a well known Russian Oil Storage company, which main purpose is for storage of petroleum products, transportation and other petrochemical services within Russia and Europe's linkable terminals, fuel pipelines transportation, tanker to vessel transportation. Our firm is one of Europe's largest storage union member in the storage and transport of liquid cargo.


Service and quality are key to JSC "TROITSA’s" approach. This has traditionally been based on self-sufficiency, proficiency, exacting quality requirements and continuous innovation. The company’s top priority is to fully match the client’s needs with flexible storage and transport solutions.


For a company like JSC "TROITSA" that takes the lead, vision and business development go hand in hand. JSC "TROITSA" plans further investments in automation, attracting the right people, on-going innovation, and seeing and grasping opportunities. Yet safety always comes first.


JSC "TROITSA" truly aims to meet its customers exact needs. The delivery of the product at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities and at optimum cost.


A pioneering approach is key to maintaining the best possible management of the business. With its own company for shipbuilding and its proprietary storage and information technology, JSC "TROITSA" is a true leader in innovation.


As part of a large international investment company, JSC "TROITSA" has the financial backing for further expansion and is already exploring European growth opportunities for the near future.


Development for handling different kinds of product is on-going. And there is a continuous demand for storage. Both of these aspects make the global market attractive to JSC "TROITSA".

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JSC "TROITSA" is an international storage company providing logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities sited strategically at eight locations in the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, two in the UK and one in Poland. With a total capacity of over 7,500,000 cubic metres, its facilities allow the handling of a highly diversified base of products, including edible and vegetable oils, base oils, oleochemicals, non-hazardous chemicals, biodiesel, liquid agricultural products, fuel oil, middle distillates and gasoline....

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JSC "TROITSA" provides a wide range of ancillary services, including blending, mixing, heating, temperature control and quality control. Its automation system for coordinating the flow of goods is custom-built to precisely meet the needs of the business. The result: Increased efficiency, fewer errors, time savings and reduced workload...

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Our PID facility in Rotterdam provides independent distillation services to the petrochemical industry. With nearly 50 years of experience in toll distilling, we offer a unique proposition to the industry. JSC "TROITSA" Tankstorage Botlek provides services including: R&D facilities, receipt and storage of feedstock and distillates, quality assurance, analysis and ancillary treatments such as caustic washing, blending of additives and decolorization...

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Our Rail transport is efficient, safe and good for the environment. All our terminals have well-equipped railway for quickly loading and unloading cargo. To maintain its independence, JSC "TROITSA" has its own locomotive that operates at the facilities...

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We offer a full array of freight forwarding and global transportation services to meet the most demanding shipping requirements. Whatever the destination, we deliver your cargo on time at favorable rates – across borders, across continents, and across the globe. We work closely with an extensive portfolio of global and local carriers to provide you the best solutions.To meet needs of clients we have established Cargo department to provide one-stop solution for sea freight services from Asia (China, Hong Kong), Europe, Taiwan (R.O.C.), etc.), which enables us to offer speed and flexibility at favorable rates. We are constantly expanding our partnerships with global and local carriers to offer a full array of main and value-added service options worldwide..

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