JSC "TROITSA" is an independent international storage and transport company specialising in Crude Oil, oleochemicals, waxes, biodiesel, base oils, non-hazardous chemicals and minerals. The secret of its success in managing the business is simple: Courage and entrepreneurship.

The competence and dedication of the staff are also vital to JSC "TROITSA"’s success. Along with the top quality materials and highly flexible facilities, they are what create a truly reliable company. JSC "TROITSA" has clients all over the world with its main focus on Western Europe, Asia and North and South America.

JSC "TROITSA" offers much more than service. ‘Creating involvement’ would be a better way of putting it. JSC "TROITSA" is always looking for new and innovative ways to share its logistics solutions and concepts with its clients so they can gain the maximum benefit from JSC "TROITSA" managing their products.

A reliable company
continually innovating

What We Do

JSC "TROITSA" is an independent, international storage and terminal logistic company registered in Russian Federation,with partnership with majors at our various terminals. With our partners, we operate a global network connecting major trade routes. We specializes in crude oil and refined energy products, connecting refineries in Russia, to major hubs and terminals in Europe and Central America.

With our highly skilled and motivated workforce, we are able to provide customized experience for our category of clients in storage, handling, and transportation services at the terminals.

We expand our services for our numerous clients, storage of gaseous and hazardous chemicals, transportation, terminal handling services, like heating, blending, temperature control, mixing using ultra-modern automation system in our various terminals including Port of Rotterdam, Russian port, Houston and other European port which logistical capabilities.