Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port(NCSP)

JSC "TROITSA" Terminal was established here in 2006. NCSP have consolidated 6 largest stevedore and port service companies.

The main fields of NCSP activity:

  • JSC "TROITSA" «NCSP» provides a wide range of stevedoring services including transshipment of crude oil, oil products and other liquid cargoes, dry bulk cargoes and general cargoes
  • JSC "TROITSA" «ИПП» operates the high-speed complex for shipment of liquid cargoes including oil products and liquid fertilizers.
  • JSC "TROITSA" «Novoroslesexport» provides transshipment and storage services for container cargoes, timber and other general cargoes.
  • JSC "TROITSA" «Novorossiysk Grain Terminal» is the high-speed terminal specialized in transshipment and storage of grain cargoes. The capacity of this terminal makes it possible to handle up to 4 million tons of cargoes annually.
  • JSC "TROITSA" «Novorossiysk Ship-Repair Yard» provides ship-repairing services as well as effects shipment of ferrous metal products, nonferrous metal products and metal scrap.
  • JSC "TROITSA" «Fleet of NCSP» provides tug, towing and mooring services for vessels as well as emergency, hazardous materials response and waste management service at the port.